1. Use when you want to choose passwords for your accounts that are hard to break or guess by either human or computerized help.
  2. Use when you want to higher the entry barriers for attackers to get started tampering with your system.
  3. Use when you want to be sure that you know what a good password is and that the chosen password follows such guidelines.

Keys to password strength: length and complexity

The strength of a password depends on the different types of characters that you use & the overall length of the password. An ideal password should be long and contain letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers. The Password Strength is indicated as 'Weak', 'Average', 'Good' & 'Strong'.

The strength varies if,
  1. It contains at-least 2 UPPERCASE Alphabets(s)
  2. It contains at-least 2 lowercase Alphabets(s)
  3. It contains at-least 2 Number(s)
  4. It contains at-least 2 Symbol(s)
  5. The preferred password length is of 12 character(s)
  6. " < "," > "," ' " these Character(s) Not allowed